Chinese Medical Essential Oil Therapy is the application of essential oils over acupoints. Essential oils are powerful plant medicines. Many hundreds of pounds of a plant may yield only a single pound of essential oil, so these oils are very concentrated. When massaged into an acupuncture point, they go right through the skin and are carried by the blood through the whole body.

Chinese medicine takes these essential oils and makes them into a complete healing art for the whole body, mind and spirit. It does this by understanding the qi, the synergistic relationship between different oils. I blend together a small number of essential oils, unique for each patient. Each oil is chosen to work with and strengthen the healing effect of every other one. These combinations are then anointed over acupuncture points, which themselves have been chosen for the ways they complement each other. It’s a powerfully integrated system that addresses not only symptoms, but effects underlying causes yielding true and lasting wellness.