I believe all good physicians should listen to their patients, so I always start with that. I ask a few questions to get an overall sense of how a patient is doing. Then I take the patient’s pulses, which in acupuncture indicates how the blood is circulating through the whole body.

My treatment starts with a relaxing Chinese massage and acupressure. I select essential oils that I’ve chosen specifically for that individual patient’s needs, and apply them over acupuncture points. This is the Chinese medical aromatherapy that I practice: a complete treatment in and of itself. It also matches perfectly with the acupuncture that comes afterwards. The essential oils I use are of the finest quality; the acupuncture needles are sterile and only used a single time and then discarded. People often feel a sensation of warmth, heaviness or a feeling of connection at the acupoint. It’s gentle and safe.

Most of my patients have never experienced acupuncture before coming to see me, so I always explain every step of my treatments. My only rule for my patients is, that if anything makes them uncomfortable for any reason, they have to tell me and I’ll adjust it right away.

I spend the entire 1 hour session with my patients, giving me the time to provide the high quality of care that my patients deserve.

Watch a video explaining my treatment protocol