"I was on a downhill slide and couldn’t get my life back together. When I finally picked up the phone and called Christopher, I could see bottom and I was really scared. Christopher was compassionate and present when I was at my weakest and most vulnerable. When I couldn’t hold myself together, he did. As I became more solid, he eased away. And he did it effortlessly and respectfully, in service to my healing, and not because he’s terrific, which he is. In every session I’ve had with Christopher--and it’s been nearly a year that I’ve been working with him-- he’s been my ally, whatever I’m going through."

-Hannah R., Manhattan

"Christopher is a well informed, highly intelligent acupucturist. He explains what he is doing in an easy-to-understand way. When he says something will help, it does.

-Pearson A., Manhattan

"Since staring my treatments with Chris, over a year ago, I have been looking forward to our weekly sessions. Over time, the impact has been quite amazing, especially for a skeptic like me. Neck and back pains have not disappeared but have become manageable and have lessened substantially for long stretches of time. But Chris is also a good listener, with an engaging demeanor, making the session time for discussion about a whole range of topics, some medical, others more entertaining.

-Laurent O., Queens

"I was treated by Christopher Dye for over a year for a variety of medical issues, most significatly including chronic kidney pain, kidney stones, and infections. After having experienced frustrations and disappointments with several doctors and surgeons, I found Christopher’s style of traditional Chinese medicine to be comforting, encouraging and effective. I came to acupuncture with an open mind, but a healthy dose of skepticism, and quickly found it to be the most effective way to handle my health. I looked forward to my appoinments with Christopher, because I always knew he’d be calm, caring, and thorough. There was a lovely routine to the appointments, and I always left feeling optimistic and energized. Unlike other doctors I had seen, Christopher was patient, careful, and always eager to discuss my treatment. I was impressed by his big-picture attitude towards health, which included discussion of herbs and essential oils, diet, exercise, sleep schedule, and emotions. Weekly acupuncture treatments kept my chronic kidney pain to a minimum. They were also particularly effective for a bout of tendonitis (I noticed immediate effects after treatment, and with the help of Christopher, my tendonitis symptoms were under control after about four treatments). Since leaving the New York metro area, I have seen several other acupuncturists, but have not found anyone who takes quite as much care and time wth patients as Christopher does. I highly recommend him.

-S.S., Washington D.C.

I heartily recommend Christopher Dye for the healing help he has given me for the last several years. His knowledge and extensive education in the fields of classical acupuncture, chinese medicine, essential herbs and oils and aromatherapy massage have been beneficial to my overall health and well being.

-Mari Lyn Henry, Author, Educator, Theatre Historian