"I love referring my patients to Christopher Dye.
He gets results."

-Dr. David Kaplowitz
Manhattan Family Practice.

A friend recommended me to Christopher and I am forever grateful for the recommendation.
I came to his office with symptoms that confused even the best western neurologists and movement doctors. I suffered from unexplained tightness and spasms on the right side of my body that led doctors to believe I had early onset Parkinson's Disease. I had MRIs, EKGs, EEGs, and every blood test imaginable yet all of those tests came back completely normal.
I told him my "life story" while he listened patiently and took copious notes, asking about my day to day life, my exercise regimen and even my spiritual practice. After being in and out of doctors offices for months, I finally felt like I was under the care of someone who took all of my experiences into account and wanted to get to the root of the problem and not just treat the spasms.
His treatment of me included acupuncture, medical massage, diet counseling, and herbs. He left no stone unturned. Christoper never once gave me any sort of "attitude"- as if to say, "I know better about this than you do" because during each treatment he allowed me to vocalize when certain points were valid and when others missed the mark. He told me the purpose of each point if I asked and kept me in the loop during the entire time we worked together.
I do have to note that during my treatment, I did have to take some responsibility for my improvement as well. I had to follow his dietary and sleep pattern recommendations and slowly but surely, I found the spasms begin to lessen with every appointment. To be completely honest, there would be some flare ups here and there, and he warned me that would happen, but I stayed with the treatment, and now one year later, I am completely spasm free.
He was the most capable, well rounded acupuncturist I have ever worked with and his insertion technique was the best I had experienced. He also has a very funny sense of humor which came in handy during the most difficult and emotional moments of the treatment.
I can't recommend Christopher highly enough...

-Jen C. Manhattan

"I was referred to Christopher by my OB when I was about 24 weeks pregnant and suffering from sciatica. I was a little apprehensive about doing acupuncture, but after my first week seeing Christopher I started feeling relief. I continued to see Christopher for the duration of my pregnancy and I never suffered from the sciatica during that time. Christopher is also very knowledgeable when it comes to Chinese massage, oils, and herbs. When I was having sinus pain and discomfort he suggested I take some herbs and I felt better right away. Also, at the end of my pregnancy Christopher used some essential oils during massage to prepare my uterus for labor, and I had a very easy delivery in 4 hours! I have already recommended 2 pregnant friends to Christopher to help them find back pain relief. Christopher is patient, reliable, highly knowledgeable and someone I would go back to for other ailments (when I can find some time now that Im a new mom!) or recommend others (not just the pregnant ones) to."

-Michelle S. Manhattan

As a result of a car accident, I was not in good shape; neck, back, hip issues, not to mention my energy level just not being up to par, so I tried every modality known to man including two traditional medicine doctors from China, but nothing panned out. One day, I bumped into Christopher and I could not be more pleased with the results that I have experienced. If I could give Christopher ten stars I would. His new office is always extremely calming as is his approach—which was different than the two previous acupuncturists I saw. Christopher is also always very pleasant to be around and quite conversational, always with a smile on his face. He is compassionate and tremendously giving, while passionate about what he does, always professional - he makes me feel like he cares about me and my progress. He has an exceptionally broad range of knowledge that was very helpful with regards to detoxing my body, nutrition, and working with my mind and spirit as well as the health of my body. Everything he does is with sincerity via a holistic approach. Also, I like the idea that he practices what he preaches. Christopher has given me a new lease on life, so I highly recommend him to everyone, as I know, like me, you will be thrilled with your results.

Gary A, Manhattan

"Christopher Dye is a highly skilled and masterful healer. His synthesis of acupuncture, aromatherapy and massage creates a complete treatment which helps to rebalance my life. He has tremendous technique and compassion. Highest Recommendation!"

-Lee M., Manhattan

"I first received treatment from Christopher when I was suffering from tendonitis and shoulder pain. As a pianist and graduate student beginning a dissertation, the pain was also emotionally damaging because it interferred with my ability to do what I love most. To be honest, I was afraid to begin acupuncture, but I tried it because nothing else had produced results. Christopher is professional, confident, patient, gentle, and meticulous in his approach. He remains in the room for the entire treatment and carefully explains what he is doing. I experienced a dramatic improvement in my tendonitis. Although the beginning of the healing process was noticeable immediately, the treatment was not a magical “cure-all.” Christopher taught me stretches, discussed emotional health and posture, and offered dietary advice that I could follow throughout the week. I liked this because I no longer felt helpless or victimized by the pain; there were things that I could do to improve my health myself.
"The things I appreciate most about Christopher are his interpersonal skills; his commitment to rigorous study of Chinese medicine (he approaches his practice with scholarly integrity, not simply sampling non-Western medicines in a haphazard fashion, but really devoting himself to a deep knowledge of his subject); and his ability to empower his patients to take an active role in their own well-being.
"I would highly recommend Christopher as an acupuncturist, and I am genuinely grateful for his help."

-Louise C., Queens